What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open

What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Your garage door is the opening point to your garage, and can even be an access point to your home. This means it is important to ensure that it is working at all times. Ever been in a situation where you need to get to work, go to get the car out of the garage only to find that the door won’t open? It is not an ideal situation to be in. If your garage door isn’t opening, it means there is likely something wrong with the door. Determining what the issue is can take some time and you may need to call someone in to assist. Check out below what to do when your garage door isn’t working. 

Is it manual or electronic?

The first thing you need to look at is whether your roller door is manual or electronic. This will help you to pinpoint what the issue may be.

For manual doors

If you have a manual door and it has become stuck and will not open, then you will need a technician to come out to assist with getting it working again. The technician will find the fault, let you know what it is and what the costs will be to fix it. We will always discuss the issue with you and what the repair will cost, before proceeding with any works. 

If you need to get your car out in a hurry, we are available for emergency call outs to assist with getting the door open. We understand these things don’t always happen during business hours and are here to help.

For electronic doors

If you have an electric roller door that will not open, there are a few different things that could be causing it. 

The first thing to check is that there is power to the motor. If there is no power being sent to the motor, then it will be unable to operate. Check the power point to make sure that everything is plugged in correctly. If there are lights on the motor unit, then there is power being sent to it. 

If there is power present, then it is likely not an electrical problem but more a problem with the motor itself. If this is the case, then you will need a technician to come out and diagnose the problem. 

If you need to use your garage in the meantime, you can switch your motor to manual. By doing this, you are able to continue opening and closing the garage with the manual function. 

In order to lock your garage, you just need to switch the motor back on to lock it. 

My door is trying to open still

If you notice that your roller door is trying to open when you press the button, but it is struggling then it is likely that something mechanical has gone wrong with the door itself. It is best not to try and touch things or change anything in order to get it working, you may end up causing more damage. Possibilities of what may have caused the issue include broken springs or cables. These issues will require repair by a technician. We are able to assist with an emergency call out if you are needing to get your vehicle out for work or in a hurry. 
There are many different electrical and mechanical elements that go into making a roller door work. These all need to be working in unison for a smooth open and close. If you notice that there are strange noises, crackling or your door is struggling with its day-to-day operations, it might be a time for a service. If you haven’t had your roller door serviced in a while, get in touch with the team at Metro Roller Doors today.