Six Things To Consider When Buying Roller Doors

Six Things To Consider When Buying Roller Doors

The popularity of roller doors increases every day. They are better than standard doors in many ways and are widely preferred for commercial applications and residential use. However, when buying roller doors, there are some qualities you must look out for.


Do not assume all roller doors are pre-insulated. To reduce the cost of production, some manufacturers may decide not to insulate them.

Going for a well-insulated door will save you some heating and cooling costs. And, if you decide to pay someone to do the insulation after purchase, you may spend more than the original cost of a pre-insulated roller door.

Consider a door with a high R-value to keep your garage contents in your home or business protected from temperature variations.

Fire Resistant

Your business place is vulnerable to fire outbreaks for many reasons. For instance, more electric power is used compared to residential homes. So, if you are shopping for roller doors for your business place, you should consider a fire-resistant door that can stop the spread of fire.

There’s usually a resistance rating which indicates the number of hours a door can withstand exposure to flames. The higher the resistance rating, the longer your door can be exposed to naked flames.


Your roller doors can be automated or powered manually. It’s cheaper to buy manual roller doors but remember they are made of metal which makes them heavy. Lifting the door manually can be tiring. However, manual roller doors are easier to maintain as they only need proper lubrication of the door parts.

Automated doors are convenient compared to their manual counterparts. But, you will need to periodically check for loose electrical wiring or malfunctioning electrical components.


Safeguarding lives and property is important and automated roller doors can improve security and convenience. With a user-friendly app, you can open your roller doors on your phone or you can even opt for a traditional fob system. Regardless of your preferences, this is a big convenience for many.


Roller doors come in a wide range of styles and colours. If you want to increase your home aesthetics and value, you should buy one that matches your home style. Some of the things you should consider when choosing a roller door include your windows, hardware, and colours.

Service Team Availability

Where you purchase your roller doors is as important as the roller door itself. You need a service team that can respond quickly to emergencies. It can be a stressful experience waiting several days for a technician to show up, especially if you need access to your garage or business.

Getting your door from a company whose service team is quick and reliable saves you the hassle of waiting for days before help comes.

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