Roller Doors in Adelaide

Industrial Roller Doors

Roller Doors in Adelaide

Whether you are seeking a roller door in Adelaide for domestic, commercial or industrial needs, there are factors to consider. A top-quality roller door will have a decent lifespan and it is a cost-effective investment with Metro Roller Doors Repairs & Service. Have your space measured by a professional which is important in determining the exact specifications for your roller door in Adelaide. Furthermore, selecting the style of roller door is important and based on requirements for safety and security as well aesthetic appeal. Whether you require a customised roller door or ready-made, there are top-quality brands that we sell such as B&D, Taurean, Gliderol and Steel-Line. We offer roller doors, sectional doors and specialty roller doors in Adelaide and the different types offer different security and aesthetics. Simplistic roller doors roll up and down easily while sectional doors are comprised of three or more panels and these slide up and along the ceiling of the garage. Specialty roller doors in Adelaide comprise sturdy steel with a timber look. Insulated roller doors are a fantastic choice for heating and cooling and the type and size of the motor is a factor to consider. Additionally, door automation is another consideration to take into account and thinking about how often you would open and close the roller door is important.

Quality Roller Shutters

Further to roller doors in Adelaide, carpark shutters are highly popular and among our range we offer doors to suit carparks, loading docks, warehouses and factories. The Mirage High Cycle Roller Shutter is a prime choice for carparks and these can be modified to suit high winds. They additionally provide high level security for your carpark, loading dock or warehouse. Eight millimetre thick industrial shutters in the form of Mirage Low Cycle Roller Shutters offers peace of mind for security and are suitable for low to medium level of activity. For commercial and industrial needs, one millimetre thick roller shutters suit. Metro Roller Doors Repairs & Service offers B&D roller shutters and sliding doors as part of our range such as the B&D Sectional P7 which is conducive for commercial and industrial purposes with a lightweight aluminium frame. Steel Roller Shutters are also effective and considerably stronger than a typical roller door in Adelaide. Additionally, a few slats can be replaced if there is damage to the shutter and the slats can be powder coated as required. You can complement your commercial or industrial premises with the option of colour schemes. For carparks, the Taurean Secura-T Roller Shutter is a robust, durable roller shutter which is fantastic for underground parking facilities. The engineering is superior for security and there are available options in a variety of sizes to suit carpark specifications.

Quality Commercial Roller Doors Adelaide

Roller doors and roller door repairs in Adelaide have never been more affordable than with Metro Roller Doors Repairs & service which offers a cost-effective investment into roller doors and roller shutters. Quality commercial roller doors are a prime choice for many establishments and our roller doors are comprised of heavy duty materials to withstand the Australian weather elements. Additionally, the roller doors are equipped to protect your investment with optimal security. Being tough and durable, you can be confident in protecting your assets from break-ins and moreover, they add privacy and block out outside noise. Kept in prime condition, commercial roller doors in Adelaide are well-developed to be for frequent use and can allow easy access for forklifts, trucks and machinery. For commercial purposes, we offer the Clear Roller Shutters which are comprised of polycarbonate and aluminium slats and the Aluminium Roller Shutters Solid which have a slimline, flat slat curtain and are great for retail fronts, kiosks, arcades and clubs and bars. Mini roller doors in Adelaide for self-storage facilities as well as small warehouses and these are available in a range of Colorbond colours to suit your premises. For roller doors in Adelaide, commercial, domestic and industrial, look no further than Metro Roller Doors Repairs & Service for exceptional quality roller doors and roller shutters.