Protection and Security

Timber Look Garage Doors

Protection and Security

Whether it is for a home, business or a carpark, shutters and sliding doors are an effective way to keep your property protected and secure. With the ability to have automated roller doors and shutters, no matter the height of your structure, you are able to incorporate these types of security measures on any type of property. These days with automation, height options are limitless, which means you do not have to worry about a roller door that raises up, which may take up too much space or limit the height of the vehicles that have to enter. Having a shutter by Metro Roller Doors on car parks as well provides just that extra layer of security while the car park is closed, making sure you don’t just have to rely on the standard beams that most car parks utilise during the day to day operations. Heavy duty roller doors are an amazing tool for commercial and industrial properties. Even residences can experience the protection and security that roller doors have to offer. Roller doors for carports and garages along with window shutters make an easy to handle and great security solution.

Car Park Roller Shutters

If you are looking for roller shutters for your carpark, warehouse, factory, loading dock or other commercial or industrial properties, then at Metro Roller Doors we have just the solution for you. Depending on what your specific needs are, we have an extensive range that will provide you with the functions that you need. The Mirage High Cycle series of roller shutters are a solid choice for many car parks. Coming with S75 and S100 that provide ventilation, as well as being able to be modified to suit climates that are susceptible to high winds or cyclones, they are fantastic for security. Made with point eight-millimetre-thick industrial shutters for light to medium activity or if you are using them frequently, they are also available in one-millimetre thick material. The kind of locking system is up to you, for those who want manual locking, they can be made with an inside outside padlock but for those wishing to have a motorised system for increased security, there are motor aids available. Another type of shutters that are great for car parks is the B&D shutters. It is a light industrial roller shutter that comes with pre-assembled slats on the drum, making it easy and quick to install. Available in a galvanised steel finish, there are a range of colours to choose from so you can really compliment your premises. Another robust and durable option, perfect for car parks is the Taurean Secura-T Roller shutter. It is perfect for underground parking, so check out our range with Metro Roller Doors to find just the right roller shutters and roller doors to secure your car park.

Choosing a Garage Door

The perks of working with companies that have Australia in mind when they manufacture their products is that they know they must design and build products that are able to withstand and endure our harsh weather conditions; from intense sun to the multitude of different conditions that can happen all around Australia. Roller doors especially need to be built with this in mind. The real challenge is when making roller doors for residential properties, not only do they have to be tough and durable, they must also be aesthetically pleasing and these are the things that many people are thinking about when wanting to purchase a garage door. If you are one of these people embarking on a mission to purchase a new garage door, then there are also a few other things you need to have in mind. Understand what your needs are and the budget you have before you start looking at doors, as the choice may be overwhelming. Another thing to remember is that many garage doors are customisable and come in a range of differing styles and finishes, so once you find one that functionally suits your requirements and budget, there are often different colours that they can come in so you can match them to your home. If strength and durability is your main concern, then roller doors made from Colorbond and BlueScope steel are one of the most alluring options. There are also doors that can be designed to offer soundproofing as being able to function quietly, or different types of seals to offer increased security and protection. Locking systems, albeit manual or automatic are another consideration to make. Metro Roller Doors has an extensive range of roller doors on offer so you are guaranteed to find that garage door with us that can tick all the boxes of your needs, wants, aesthetics and budget.