Service & Repairs

Domestic Service & Repairs

Metro Roller Doors service all brands of roller doors, panel-lift/sectional doors and motors, and we cover all suburbs of Adelaide too. We recommend regular servicing to maximise the life of both your door and motor. Roller doors and shutters are at the mercy of the environment, soil movement, dust, dirt and corrosion, and need regular maintenance and appropriate lubrication to ensure smooth operation and to avoid expensive emergency call-outs. If your door is noisy, difficult to move, losing tension, sticking, ballooning or you can see visible wear and tear on any of the moving parts, it is probably overdue for a service.

Roller Shutter Repairs

Commercial & Industrial Door Service and Repairs

Metro has an experienced team of technicians capable of handling even the largest of commercial and industrial roller door service and repair work. Call us for a quote to repair your warehouse, factory, shop, storeroom, workshop, restaurant, club, aircraft hangar, office, kiosk, store, arcade, car park, corporate garage, shopping centre, hotel, cafe, school or storage facility doors. Whether it is a straightforward service, drum replacement, planetary gearing repair or something more major, we have the technicians to tackle the job.

Preventative Maintenance

Managing a village, corporation or complex and want to stay on top of door maintenance? Call us to discuss a preventative maintenance contract. We are happy to negotiate a competitive price and arrange for annually or bi-annually scheduled services, to help keep your doors running smoothly and avoid dangerous and expensive emergencies.

Emergency Repairs

We are regularly contacted to attend in situations where doors have been impacted by vehicles, broken into by thieves, damaged by fallen trees, poorly installed, motor failure, broken springs or cables and vehicles trapped. We understand how much of an inconvenience these things are, and are happy to do what we can to get to you as soon as possible. Call us any time, 7 days a week and we will do our level best to find an available technician to assist you in your emergency. Please leave a message if the phone is unattended and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Motor Replacement

Like any other household appliance, eventually your garage door motor will give up the ghost (usually at the most inconvenient moment!). You can make a huge difference to the life of your motor by regular servicing and taking the time to maintain your door in between servicing, but at some point it is going to be time for a replacement. If your motor is slowing down, making unusual noises, causing the door to shudder, phantom operating or has stopped altogether, we can assess it and let you know whether a repair or replacement is your best option. We carry a range of motors to suit the majority of doors available in South Australia, and can generally swap it over for you within a couple of days (if not the same day). If you would like to add a new motor or controller to your door, we can help you choose the best option for your particular door at the best possible price.