Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors

Clear Roller Shutters are generally characterised by the combination of Polycarbonate and aluminium slats, which allow light transmission and vision, without compromising security. Perfect for shopfronts, storerooms, reception counters, restaurants, cafes, clubs, offices, educational buildings, hospitals and corridors in retail tenancies. We can supply those manufactured by Mirage, B&D and Steel-Line as required.

Commercial Roller Doors

The Solid Aluminium Roller Shutters have a slimline, flat slat curtain, specifically designed to provide a high level of security. The individual slats result in a high strength but small roll-up diameter shutter, suitable for applications such as retail shopfronts, kiosks, secure parking structures, arcades, sporting complexes, clubs, bars, fire hose reel cabinets, equipment cabinets, cupboards and small architectural openings. Both Mirage and B&D offer a range of size options to best suit your requirements.

Commercial Doors

This range of roller shutters provides the strength and security of an aluminium roller shutter, along with various perforation options. Perforations of various dimensions can be added to allow ventilation, or with the addition of polycarbonate overlays, more vision into the area. Mirage, B&D and Steel-Line, each offers a variety of sizes and customisable perforations to best suit your application.

Designed specifically for applications where there is little headroom, and where the minimal internal projection is preferred, both the Mirage Series 3000 and the Steel-Line SC3000 deliver doors capable of spanning distances up to 30m wide and providing both a high security and low maintenance solution. Available in a range of cladding options including Colorbond, Steel Sheet, Aluminium Sheet, Bar Grille, Weldmesh, Amplimesh, Timber, Glass and Acrylic.

These doors are custom made and designed for all applications where security and superior appearance is required. Suited to openings up to 10m in width, they are ideal where internal obstructions may prevent the door retracting fully within the building, and minimising headroom is a requirement. Perfect for Car park entries, showrooms, retail premises, restaurants and entertainment areas.

The Mirage Series 1000 Counterweight door is custom built for use in car parks and other commercial applications where space and security are at a premium and where internal obstructions may prevent the door retracting fully within the building. They are available in a range of cladding options including Colorbond wall cladding, aluminium sheet, bar grille, weldmesh, amplimesh, timber, glass, and acrylic.

Security Grilles are manufactured for applications where a high level of security, airflow and vision are required and are available in medium and high security versions. They are suitable for doorways, cash counters, bars, servery counters, passageways, entrances and additional security to window areas in shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, office buildings, schools and tertiary institutions.

Mini roller doors or mini-warehouse doors are the perfect solutions for self-storage applications, where a small door is all that is required. They are available in a range of colorbond colours and with a variety of locking options to best suit your complex requirements.