Metro Roller Doors: The Best In The Business

Metro Roller Doors: The Best In The Business

Are you looking for the best in the supply, installation and repair of roller doors? Metro Roller Doors has got you covered! We have been in the business for over 20 years and bring our vast experience to your doorstep.

We’re situated in Adelaide and provide our services to the southern Australian market. When buying roller doors, you must deal with a reputable business.

So here’s why you should choose us and why roller doors are a great addition to your home or business.

Our products and services

Some of our products include domestic and commercial roller doors, roller shutters, industrial doors, and garage doors. Similarly, we provide installation, repairs, and servicing of all our stocked brands.

We’ve supplied many doors on the commercial and industrial level in shops, banks, and other settings. But roller doors shouldn’t be restricted to businesses alone, they make a handy addition to any home.

For example, if you have a garage in your home and you are unsure of the type of door to use, then it will be wise to consider roller shutter doors. These doors provide safety and security and these days, they’re pretty stylish as well!

When it comes to garages, we cover both single and double doors, providing you with flexible choices for your home. Furthermore, we supply doors that you can operate manually or automatically, depending on your choice and budget.

Why roller doors are the perfect choice

Firstly, you can operate roller doors easily and without complexity. Plus, they are budget-friendly and easy to repair. Roller doors are also big space savers since they open vertically unlike their older counterparts. This comes in handy when you have shorter driveways and need to fit extra cars on your property.

Roller shutter doors are made with aluminium products, so they provide your home with insulation. Consequently, it gives a level of protection against harsh weather conditions and prevents the penetration of heat into your house. Likewise, they can withstand wind, rain and anything else mother nature throws at it.

Above all, roller shutter doors guarantee a high level of security of your properties. This is because these doors make use of guide locks and ending locks. You can install the guide lock along either side of the door, securing your property.

At Metro Roller Doors, we offer safety and reliability. We are here to help you in selecting the roller shutter that best suits your needs. In the market for a new roller door? Check out our range of products. We look forward to helping you secure your home!