Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

There is nothing more annoying than when your garage roller doors suddenly stop operating. Often though, there have been signs that something has not been right for a long time, so learning how to spot the signs can ensure that you are not leaving it to the moment where it completely gives out before repairing or replacing it. If you start to notice your doors are slowing down, then there is a good chance that the springs in the mechanism are wearing out. Other signs are if there is any sagging in the roller doors. This also points to a problem in the springs and if left unchecked it can wear on the lifting mechanism. Isolated damage does not always mean that there will be a problem with the overall operation of the door, but it will affect the integrity of the door, so it is always a good idea to look into getting it repaired if there is any damage. If after you get your roller door and problems continue to happen, it may be time to get the garage door completely replaced. Any extreme damage to the door also is a situation where you should consider replacing the whole door. While slight issues such as a slow door or sagging might not seem that important, if left unaddressed it can cause a range of issues down the line. For the safety and convenience of those using the door, it is always better to get a professional out when you notice any issues.

Maintenance of Your Garage Door

Knowing that garage doors are built strong and tough, along with them being more on the outside of the house, the garage roller doors often are the last thing we think of when it comes to cleaning and maintaining parts of the home. In the garage, a whole lot of items go into storage such as old boxes, sport equipment and perhaps the car so it is often the last place we think to look after. Unfortunately for your roller doors, they are not only the entrance to often the least look after place in the home but also, they are receiving the harshness of the Australian environment almost every day. From the hot sun to the heavy winds, if not maintained regularly, the roller doors can start to go downhill and before you know it the door will be harder to operate, the sound of the mechanism will sound unhealthy and before long, the seals of the door will deteriorate, leaving you with a door that needs to be repaired or replaced. That is why you should ensure that the garage door becomes part of your regular household maintenance, like your smoke alarms and hot water system. Every three to six months is the ideal time to maintain your door and if possible, enlist the services of a technician to ensure that there are not any other issues that you may have missed during your checks. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your garage doors will help you to avoid any unexpected and major issues, saving you money and time down the track.

How to Maintain Your Garage Door

Every three to six months, roller doors should be checked over to see whether they are operating properly. Check to see whether the door is operating smoothly, and look to see if there is any sagging, isolated damage or if the door is just not running as fast or as smooth as usual. The sound of the mechanism is also a good indicator and if you are hearing something not sounding right, then it may be a time to get a technician out to look over it. Giving your roller doors a good clean regularly is one way to ensure the door stays operating smoothly. Do this by applying some methylated spirits to a cloth and cleaning the side tracks to prevent any rusting. It is also recommended that every six to twelve months that you get your roller doors serviced by a professional, that way if there are any issues with the motor or something else, it will not go unchecked, leading to issues down the line. If you are based in Adelaide, Metro Roller Doors offers servicing and maintenance of garage doors and have been for over twenty years. Based in Lonsdale, we have been offering our expert services across the Adelaide region so if you are looking for somebody to check your roller door or have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional.