Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Roller Doors

Industrial Roller Doors

Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Roller Doors

When it comes to choosing the right roller doors for your business premise, there are a number of different things to consider. In most cases, one of the most important things to consider is the protection that the roller doors will provide. Will they be strong enough to protect what is inside? Do they provide the necessary requirements for airflow and visibility? There are many different roller doors to choose from. Choosing between industrial and commercial roller doors may be a decision you need to make. But what is the difference between industrial and commercial roller doors?

Industrial Roller Doors

The application of industrial rollers doors tends to be for businesses that have a warehouse or factory that they need to protect. 

These roller doors can come in many different shapes and sizes and can be custom built to suit your needs. 

Steel is the main component in the manufacture of industrial roller doors as it gives not only a stylish finish, but it is also strong and able to withhold a lot of force. 

Industrial Roller Doors are custom made for lighter duty commercial applications. They are characterised by a continuous sheet steel curtain and are available in both zincalume and colorbond finishes. These roller doors can be operated manually or automated for convenience and ease of use. 

The other main option for industrial roller doors is the use of steel roller shutters. 

Steel Roller Shutters are comprised of individual galvanised steel slats, roll formed and slid together to form the rolling curtain. Considerably stronger than a roller door, they can span larger distances and can be replaced a few slats at a time if an accident occurs. Slats can be powdercoated as required.

Commercial Roller Doors

When it comes to having a retail business, it is important to protect your business when you are not there. There are many different types of commercial roller doors available. The different designs help to protect your business from people getting in and also cater to the products inside and their needs. This can include airflow and visibility if needed. 

Across the different commercial roller door designs, the two main components that make up the rollers are polycarbonate and aluminium. 

You can get polycarbonate roller doors with aluminium slats which are great for inside retail setting such as large supermarkets. You are able to see through the roller door to increase visibility without compromising security. 

If you need to increase airflow to the premise than there is also an option for you. Increasing airflow is recommended when the business holds a lot of electrical equipment or products, such as computers, lighting and gaming equipment. The perforated roller door option may be the best solution. 

This range of roller shutters provides the strength and security of an aluminum roller shutter, along with various perforation options. Perforations of various dimensions can be added to allow ventilation, or with the addition of polycarbonate overlays, more vision into the area.

Counterweight doors

Counterweight doors have a range of different options to choose from depending on your needs. The counterweight doors are a popular choice for those who are protecting showrooms, restaurants and car park entries. 

They are available in both a bifold and a single leaf design meaning that if you have internal obstructions that would prevent a full roller door opening, there is a way around it. 

Counterweight doors are available in a range of cladding options including colourbond, steel, aluminium and more. 

Choosing the right roller door for your business is an important task. It is a way to protect your business, the assets and the hard work that you have put into it. Without a secure entry point, your risk of theft and damage increases. 

Whether you are protecting your equipment in a warehouse or you are looking to protect your stock in a retail store, we are here to help. 

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