All You need To Know About Roller Doors

All You need To Know About Roller Doors

Choosing the appropriate roller door that suits your needs can be a bit confusing. What brand should I go for? Where do I buy from? Not to worry – Metro Roller Doors has got you covered!

What Are Roller Doors?

Roller Doors

Roller doors are commonly found in sheds and garages. They are made up of corrugated sheets of aluminum or steel. However, most roller doors used in garages are made of steel. This is because steel is sturdier – and can withstand heavier damage – than aluminum.

Roller doors are also called “rapid roll” or “high speed” doors because they are usually motorized. Their relatively fast opening and closing speeds make them ideal for use in areas with high traffic density.

How Do They Work?

Roller doors Adelaide are made of corrugated aluminum – or steel – curtains that fold and compress when rolled up to grant access to the garage. Torsion springs embedded into the sheet make opening the doors easy as they bear the door’s weight while opening.

Many large roller doors deploy a pulley-and-chain system to manually open them up. Modern roller doors can be motorized, allowing them to be remotely opened (or closed).

Aluminum Roller Doors vs Steel Roller Doors

  • Aluminum Roller Doors

Aluminum roller doors can also be called “insulated” roller doors. They are made from two separate double-skinned aluminum rolls, insulated with foam, and joined together to form one single aluminum sheet. They are usually 19mm thick, with each aluminum roll having an average depth of 75mm. Aluminum roller doors are essentially always motor-operated, and most run on electricity.

  • Steel Roller Doors

Steel roller doors are also known as “continuous curtain” roller doors. They are made from single steel sheets folded together at regular intervals of 750mm to form a continuous steel curtain. This steel curtain is then wrapped around a drum to form a roller door. The larger the distance covered by the door, the thicker the steel needs to be. The depth of corrugation on the steel sheet is also influenced by how much distance the door needs to cover.

Are Roller Doors The Same As Roller Shutters?

Although both terms are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between roller doors and roller shutters.

  • For starters, roller shutters are made up of several interlinked aluminum or steel sheets. Roller doors, on the other hand, are made up of a single sheet of corrugated steel or aluminum.
  • Roller shutters are ideal for heavy-duty use as their double-layered composition gives them an advantage over roller doors.
  • Roller shutters have a wide range of applications compared to roller doors. Shutters can be used to protect against break-ins in schools, homes, hospitals, and supermarkets because of their durable design.
  • Roller doors are ideal for mapping out sections within buildings. They are also appropriate for use in situations that do not require heavy-duty protection.

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Roller Door?

  • Style

Your style and preference are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a roller door. There are many roller door styles to choose from, viz;

  1. Sliding Roller Doors

Just as the name implies, sliding-style roller doors take open up to the sides. They maximize horizontal space when the vertical space is insufficient, and so are usually wide roller doors.

  1. Swing Out Roller Doors

These doors are usually made of wood. Sometimes, they may be made of galvanized steel. Hinges connect the doors to their frames, and doors swing out towards you when opened.

  1. Roll-Up Roller Doors

These doors are made of aluminum – or steel -sheets that are rolled around a skeleton drum. To open the door, you roll the sheets up – and vice versa.

  1. Sectional Roller Doors

This is the most common type of roller door today. They are made up of several linked horizontal sections that roll up and down. They can be remotely controlled.

  • Safety

A roller door should be strong enough to deter animal – or human – intruders. You should know how to use the emergency release pull cord when there is a power outage if yours operates automatically. These doors should also have sensors that detect obstacles on the path that can cause accidents if ignored.

  • Budget

The cost of buying and installing a commercial roller door is another factor to consider when selecting one. Even if you’re working with a lean budget, there are a variety of options to choose from.

  • Material

Roller doors are made up of different kinds of materials. These include;

  1. Steel or Aluminum

This is a common choice for many industrial roller doors manufacturers. Steel – or aluminum – doors are very durable and relatively easy to maintain. They can be pricey but are great choices for providing security.

Roller Doors

  1. Glass

Many modern roller doors incorporate glass in their designs and composition. They provide aesthetic effects and help brighten up the room. They also serve as good protection against harsh weather conditions.

  1. Composite

Plastic resins and wood fiber form the general composition of composite roller doors. They are not only durable but also have the added benefit of being lighter than wood. They are relatively easier to maintain compared to wooden roller doors.

  1. Wood

These wide roller doors are usually made of wood, and so are traditionally heavy. They contribute beautifully to your home’s aesthetics. However, they have limited options for usage, and are prone to high maintenance costs.

  • Climatic Conditions

The prevailing climatic conditions in your locale determine what kind of roller door to buy. If you have steel doors and live in an area with frequent rainfall or snow, your doors will be susceptible to rust. If you have wooden doors, you may want to guard against ants and termites.


If you’re still not sure what roller door to buy or if you need roller door repairs Adelaide, then reach us at Metro Roller Doors! We are just a call away!