5 Steps to Ensure the Longevity of Your Roller Doors

5 Steps to Ensure the Longevity of Your Roller Doors

Like all other moving parts, roller doors can develop wear and tear over time. This wear and tear is often the first sign of trouble for your roller doors in Adelaide. This is because when wear and tear happens, your roller doors will not work as well as they should.

Unfortunately, this is likely to happen to your roller doors sooner or later. But with good care, you can ensure that it’s a long while before the inevitable happens. Here are some simple steps that you can use to ensure the longevity of your roller doors in Adelaide.

Clean often

This is the simplest way to ensure that your wide roller doors serve you longer. Your cleaning schedule should be as often as possible and a little more if you live near the beach. Cleaning will help to remove the dirt and dust particles that often settle on the surface of the door.

If you leave the dust to gather too long, it might accumulate on the tracks or at the bottom of the roller doors. This will affect the ease of rolling the door up and down. Insist on cleaning your roller doors using water, mild soap and a soft cloth. This is so as not to compromise the metal surfaces.


This is the one step that you should do as you clean your roller doors. Roller doors work by the movement of metal on metal which creates friction as you open and close the door. Lubrication not only helps your roller doors to move with ease, it also helps to reduce friction. This friction between the roller door tracks and the door is what causes wear and tear of the parts.

Always try to lubricate after cleaning to prevent dust from getting trapped in the parts. While you lubricate your commercial roller doors, use only enough of the lubricant. Too much lubricant will attract dust faster.

Ensure balance

Your roller doors work best when the roller shutters are in perfect alignment. Over time, these moving parts can sometimes loosen and fall out of place. This will leave your roller doors misaligned. And as a result, you’ll have difficulty operating the door.

Fasten loose bolts

Because of the regular use of roller doors, the smaller bits in the doors can sometimes loosen up. This happens faster with more movements and vibrations. Misaligned roller shutters can also add undue strain on the bolts and brackets. This will cause them to become loose faster.

This is why you should check the tightness of the roller brackets and the fastening bolts often.

Seek professional expertise

Taking care of your roller doors by yourself sounds easy. But this isn’t to say that’s all you need. You’ll still need the help of a professional roller doors installer in Adelaide. This is because there are some repairs that need professional expertise.

Regular check-up of your roller doors will also help prevent issues before they grow. This includes any replacements of any worn out parts before your roller doors jam or cause an accident.

Metro Roller Doors is a reliable installer of roller doors in Adelaide. We also provide roller doors servicing and maintenance to people who need them. This is why you should call us if you need roller door repairs in Adelaide. Whether yours are commercial roller doors or industrial roller doors, we’ll be happy to help.