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Garages are essential parts of any home. That’s where your car cools off after a hard day’s work. And if you’re anything like the average homeowner, your garage can also serve as a storage space. That’s why your garage doors are super important.

There are many types of garage roller doors available on the market today, but we highly recommend an insulated garage roller door.

Below are five reasons why we think it’s a good idea to install insulated garage roller doors.

  1. They Conserve Energy

When you talk of energy-saving tips, your mind automatically goes towards the interior of your home. And that’s expected! Installing energy-efficient windows and heating systems all help reduce energy loss, but it’s a different story entirely when it comes to garages.

Most folks don’t consider garages as being part of the house. Because of this, garages adhere to different construction standards from the rest of the house. They have more allowances for air to flow through. These same gaps are entry points to the house for cold air, making them highly susceptible to energy loss.

Insulated garage doors save energy by regulating your garage’s temperature and reducing the amount of energy needed to heat it. They also serve as buffers between your house’s warm interiors and cold exteriors, meaning drafts of cold air from outside won’t sneak past your garage doors into your home. And because your heaters won’t need to spend so much energy warming the space, insulated garage roller doors help save energy.

  1. They Are Highly Durable

Another reason why you should consider installing insulated garage roller doors is because of their high durability. Insulated garage roller doors are built differently than their non-insulated counterparts, and they have to be durable to cater to your vehicle and other equipment needs.

The durability of insulated garage roller doors makes them highly versatile for domestic and industrial usage. The frames of most insulated garage roller doors are made from aluminum or steel. Solid-core insulation is infused into these aluminum – or steel – frames fixed between single or dual steel plates. Such doors are lighter, more energy-efficient, and less prone to dents than their uninsulated counterparts. As a result, insulated garage doors are highly resistant to the damaging effects of everyday activities, such as accidental hits from cars.

The durability of insulated garage doors contributes to the lifespan of your garage door. Because of their positioning, garage doors are usually exposed to harsh weather conditions. Weather-induced damages are the most common challenges to your garage door’s longevity. Extreme temperature fluctuations can also threaten your garage door’s structural integrity. Too cold, and the metal parts of your garage door begin to contort. Too hot, and acrylic components of your door are stressed. That is why installing an insulated garage door is your best bet at enjoying the safety and protection your garage offers.

  1. They Are Less Noisy

Insulated garage roller doors are significantly quieter than their uninsulated counterparts. This might not seem like the essential point to note, but it is undoubtedly an excellent benefit of installing insulated garage roller doors.

Most garage doors make noise when they are opened or closed. In older garage doors, the source of this noise is usually from the apparatus that controls the tracks. Poorly lubricated hinges are also significant contributors to the noise garage doors make when they open or close.

Insulated garage roller doors do not only reduce the noise generated while opening or closing your garage doors, they also reduce whatever vibrations that may produce noise.

And last but not least, insulated garage doors are less noisy than uninsulated doors because they are manufactured compactly, and their heavy bulk does not allow them to shake or vibrate on the track while opening or closing.

  1. They Help Keep Your Car And Property Safe

Insulated garage roller doors create a conducive atmosphere for your car and other equipment to remain safe in adverse weather conditions. A well-insulated garage prevents the liquid components in your vehicle from freezing over.

An insulated garage roller door helps keep your garage warm and cozy for other items stored in your garage. Remember those tubs of paint you saved in one corner of your garage after last summer’s house remodeling project? Well, a stable temperature in your garage ensures that the paint retains its consistency. Enough to be used for any future projects that may arise.

Roller Doors

  1. They Keep Your Garages Warm

If you have a gym in your garage, then comfort is a big priority! You wouldn’t want to be pushing reps on the bench press and have a cold draft of air whisk in to steal your strength away! That’s why installing an insulated garage door will help maintain an environment conducive to your extracurricular activities.

A warm garage makes it easy to use as a good storage space for your tools and other sensitive equipment. Because garages are some of the least energy-efficient parts of the house, you may have to take extra steps to create a more energy-efficient space. Luckily enough, installing an insulated garage door satisfies most of those requirements needed to create such a space.

Are Insulated Garage Roller Doors Worth The Price?

One of the homeowner’s many concerns before buying a product is its price, and installing an insulated garage door is not exempted from these concerns.

Although the price of an insulated garage door might be relatively higher than that of an uninsulated garage door, the benefits of installing one far outweigh the costs.

When you consider how much money you’d spend heating your home during winter, you’d agree that installing an insulated garage door saves not only energy but also money!

This is why Metro Roller Doors are your one-stop shop for getting high-quality garage roller doors. Call us today for a free quote!