4 Reasons To Update Your Garage Door Openers

4 Reasons To Update Your Garage Door Openers

Garages are an important feature of any home. They provide a safe place to house your vehicles, but can also serve as an extra storage space for household items. As important as this room space is, you’d probably give more attention to your garage than its doors. However, the state of your garage doors is also an important factor affecting your garage.

Garage door openers are only one of the household appliances that have improved significantly with the introduction of smart home technologies. The usual lifespan of a garage door opener is at least ten years, but many can last considerably longer with regular maintenance. However, even if your garage door opener is still operational, you should consider replacing it with a modern one to benefit from security solutions, comfort, and protection advancements.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to upgrade your garage door opener or not, then the following benefits of doing so should be enough to help you make a decision.

  • Improved Security For Your Garage & Home

There are several ways an automatic garage door may safeguard your home. The interesting, smart technology features in recent garage door openers are numerous. The live video stream is a characteristic that homeowners like. Many computerised garage doors also have automatic lighting, which helps discourage criminals and enhances visibility in poor weather. The following are some additional security measures that many automated garage door openers have:

Holiday Mode

“Holiday” or “Vacation” mode is a function included in many contemporary systems that stops your door from being unlocked when you’re away for a prolonged length of time. Intruders won’t be able to enter your house while it’s in holiday mode. There are only a few frequencies that garage door remote controllers may use. When robbers want to enter a property and commit a burglary, they frequently try to unlock the automated garage doors using a tool that utilises all frequency combinations. Nevertheless, while holiday mode is activated, they cannot accomplish this.

Using Rolling Code Technology

A predetermined remote code controls the door functions on earlier openers. The constant code makes it easy for burglars to duplicate it to their remote controls and enter houses. Modern rolling code technology is found in garage openers. This implies that your garage doors won’t be susceptible to hacking because the code is always changing.

One-Time Keypad Code Feature

You may also program a provisional entry code for visitors if your garage door is automatic. In this manner, you won’t need to alter your code often for security concerns. Rather, you may make a provisional visitor passcode for them whenever a visitor wants to enter your garage while you’re away from home with your consent.

  • Better Wireless Connectivity

The most recent models of garage door openers are equipped with wifi and smartphone connectivity, enabling you to close or open your garage from a distance or receive notifications when it is unlocked, wherever you may be. When considering a wifi smart garage door opener, you might initially question if you need a new one. However, once you have one, it wouldn’t be easy to understand how you ever coped without it. Once upgraded, your garage door opener will be a worthwhile purchase, just like with any tiny device intended to simplify your life.

The garage door may be monitored and controlled using a smartphone, computer, or tablet with the appropriate software. These garage door openers frequently have digital readouts and controls, including time and temperature displays, motion-activated light control, and preprogrammed lock-down times for the garage door.

  • Enhances Your Home’s Safety

Garage doors often weigh more than 100 pounds and are quite hefty. You don’t want your garage door or opener to break down with all this pressure on the entry to your garage since this might severely harm your car. Even worse, bodily damage from your garage door might occur. 

You probably remember the old garage door openers from your youth, where you had to click the wall-mounted buttons before running to duck under the garage door before it closed. Fortunately, modern automated garage door openers include several safety measures that make these doors more secure than ever, e.g.

Photo-Eye Sensors For Automatic Reversals

Since the mid-90s, a safety reversing mechanism has been a requirement for garage door openers. Two sensors are used for this function on opposite sides of the door, roughly six inches above the ground. The garage door will instantly stop closing and change course when the sensors detect an obstruction. This security mechanism prevents harm before your door even meets up with any obstacles.

It is strongly advised that you replace your garage door opener as a safety precaution if it lacks an automatically reversing feature or if the one it does have is no longer functional. You can easily upgrade your garage door opener from a reputable company like Metro Roller Doors.

  • Provides Higher Energy Efficiency

This advice may persuade you to get a new garage door opener if you’re on the fence about it. Considering how little energy garage door openers use, their use won’t dramatically raise your energy costs. Another justification for upgrading your garage door opener is that recent versions use even less energy. A solution that is less expensive for you will benefit you more. Some versions additionally include a building that is powered by solar panels. Despite the greater initial cost of this design, you will eventually save money due to decreased energy costs.

Not being able to use the garage door opener is frequently one of the major hassles of a power outage. When your old garage door opener loses power, it can be frustrating not to be able to raise or shut your garage door. If this has ever happened to you, then you clearly understand. But an upgraded garage door opener with battery backup capability enables the door to open or close even when there is no electricity.

Final Verdict

Ensure that only suitable and durable garage doors are installed in your home to get the best from your upgraded garage door opener. Contact the team at Metro Roller Doors today for yours!